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Name: (What you go by online.)
Contact Information: (How other people can reach you. Personal journal, e-mail, AIM, Plurk, etc.)
Time Zone: (What time zone do you live in? This will be important when scheduling logs.)
Characters Played: (What other characters, if any, do you play already in Brave New World?)


Character Name:
Character Canon:

History: (A wiki link to your character’s history can suffice. However, if there is no wiki or there isn’t enough information on it, we will require you to write it out. OCs are exempt from this section)

AU History: (This is required for all characters to integrate them into the setting. It can be reasonably simple, or it can be more complex. You may integrate other characters into your history with their permission.)

Canon Personality: (We want to see how well you know your character’s personality. We expect at least four full paragraphs of information about them that encompasses a solid overview of their motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. This personality should be based on their original canon appearance)

AU Deviation: (The nature of the AU is such that the character's personal history will be different, be it in simple or dramatic ways. Due to a much different upbringing, we expect there to be at least some variation, even if small. Spend at least one paragraph detailing in what ways the character differs from their canon incarnation.)

Canon Abilities: (Please list their abilities, be they mundane and supernatural. This includes items of power such as giant robots or magic weapons, and what they can do.)

Enlightened Abilities: (While your character will not have access to their canon abilities, they will instead gain access to up to two Pokémon types as outlined here:

Through these types, they will be able to take on an ability set that can mimic their canon abilities. Additionally, they will gain access to special trainer abilities as detailed here:

If your character has no canon powers, they may still be an Enlightened. However, we ask that the abilities you choose generally make some sense for the character, whether it's related to personality or other canon considerations.

While complex vehicles are beyond the technology level of Union, characters may, as part of their overall composition, use Enhanced items that have aspects of an available Pokémon. A character may begin with a single Enhanced item, such as a sword that contains the Fire type. This is generally recommended to be similar to something they use in canon.)

Starter Pokémon: (Pick one from the list found here:

If you have the "Far from Ordinary" perk, you may pick two. Starter Pokémon need not share your type. You are not required to pick a starter, you may start with no Pokémon if desired.)

Notes/Special Considerations: If you have special things you want to do with your character that can potentially impact the plot such as giving them an ancient power from a clan thought long extinct, here is the place to put it. It's suggested that you contact the moderators beforehand to hash things out if you want to do anything dramatic. You may also PM or IM one of the moderators beforehand if you wish to get the section pre-approved or ask questions on what is and is not allowed.

(NOTE: You may link a previous entry or thread, including testrun or musebox threads (but NOT Dear Mun), for one or both samples. However, we want to see the character in the setting of Brave New World and specifically in their AU for at least one sample.)

First-Person: (Also known as “commentspam.” This is from the character’s perspective and helps us determine how well you grasp your character’s voice. The minimum is six sentences. If we deem that there is not enough spoken or written dialogue, we will ask you for more. If you link an outside entry or thread, the minimum is 10 comments from your character in one thread/with one character.)

Third-Person: (This is written in prose from an independent narrator’s perspective. Here we want to see an insight into your character’s unspoken behavior -- actions, thoughts, their view of their world, etc. The minimum here is two paragraphs. If we do not get a good sense of your character’s behavior, we will ask for more. If you link an outside entry or thread, the minimum is 20 comments from your character in two threads/with two characters.)


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